Friday, September 17, 2010

...and then there were two

so it turns out that there was possibly a nest near the school of these little ones, because my colleague (kariminie sensei) caught another one while we were out watching sports day practice on the baseball field.  he surprised me with it when we came in for a quick water/air conditioning break.  too cool.  kariminie sensei is one of my favorites.  he is also my neighbor and reminds me quite a bit of my father, and i have told him this, so he likes to call me his daughter and takes great care now to see that i am well and happy.  he was all for me taking these two back into the wild.  he gets it and i like him.

by the way, these two are roaming free in the mountains of naru as we speak.  just another day in japan.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

always interesting

this is my new friend.  his/her japanese name is yamakagashi.  i have no idea what this means, but something about living in the mountains for sure.  it was roaming around in the hallway near the bathrooms but still inside so it caused quite a stir.  i heard a scream outside and then most of the staff went running out to see what it was.  i came when i realized that they were all inspecting something.  this snake was that something and the poor thing was trapped between a footlocker and a wall.  with help from a few teachers who werent afraid of it we got it into this PET bottle and now it is sitting on my desk awaiting its return to the wild after school.  we will take a bike ride to the other side of the island at miyanamori park and i'll let it be on its way, but out of the way of people who are eager to kill it.  this is a baby and it is a poisonous snake, so i see why they are eager to be rid of it from the school area, but it has a reason for being here just as we do, so i want to let it get back to whatever it should be doing.

you just never know what surprises are going to arise during your days on this island.  it seems that one must always be ready for anything that could happen.  it is times like this that i wonder what the people on the mainland would do in this sort of situation, or rather, if something like this would ever happen to them at all?

im so glad to be here with this snake on my desk bringing all of the teachers in the building by to see it when it is crawling up the sides of the bottle. 

on my way to okinawa this weekend for a week of vacation.  the weather report at this minute is looking like we may be having a typhoon while we are there.  this could be very interesting and proves to be an adventure for sure.  photos and stories to follow.

hope all of you are living and dreaming happily and in good health.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

simple is best

i have a new favorite bike route that i have been taking for the last few nights.  its getting dark here now fairly early, around 7:30, which is just about the time that i usually head out for my ride. 

the way is easy enough, and just in case you ever make it here i will let you in on how to find heaven on a bicycle here:

take the main road out to the west side of the island.  locate the big dipper above the mountains and follow it until it disappears behind them.  turn around.  follow the sea wall and the lights reflecting in water below back to the place where the main road splits to the back road.  you're home.

with so much else to make life crazy i am so grateful for moments of simplicity which make perfect sense.  moments that force me to relax and enjoy the stillness that life can bring when we dare to breath deep and listen for it.

namaste friends